Terms and Conditions


This agreement is between you, the affiliate, and Neo Troy, LLC. By signing up to become an affiliate you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions at any time, with or with out notice, check back frequently to observe changes.


Prohibited Activity

If we determine your account to be involved in any type of prohibited activity as determined by us, we may terminate or temporarily suspend your account with or without a payout. Prohibited activity includes but is not limited to the following.

  1. Engaging in email marketing of any kind, you are strictly forbidden to promote using email without written permission by Neo Troy, LLC.
  2. Utilizing our content for anything other than the promotion of websites owned and operated by Neo Troy, LLC.


When your account is terminated by us or closed by you, we may hold any of your account data, content, relative files, photo IDs, tax forms, or any other form of data entered or uploaded indefinitely for historical purposes. We may close any account that appears to be inactive as determined by us. Accounts may be considered inactive by having no transactions on file for an extended period of time. If you had a promotional payment percentage you will forfeit it once your account is closed and we will not reissue it to you if you chose to reopen your account.


Underage (Persons under 18 years of age)

If we believe for any reason that you are utilizing any content containing persons under 18 years of age, we will immediately terminate your account and revoke any upcoming payouts. In some cases we may also contact the authorities. We take this matter very seriously and will not tolerate any violations.

Prohibited Categories

The following content categories are banned. Your account will be suspended if you use any content related to these categories.

Prohibited Words

You are forbidden to use the following keywords in any marketing. If you are found to use these prohibited words repeatedly your account may be terminated or suspended.

Keyword Status Category Alternatives or Details
Alcohol Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated All variations: drink, liquor, etc.
Asphyxia Non compliant Rape/Brutality All variations: asphyxiate, asphyxiation, etc.
Beastiality Non compliant Bestiality  
Bestiality Non compliant Bestiality  
Bled Non compliant Blood/Mutilation  
Bleed Non compliant Blood/Mutilation All variations: bleeding etc
Blood Non compliant Blood/Mutilation  
Brutality Non compliant Rape/Brutality  
Brutalization Non compliant Rape/Brutality  
Child Non compliant Pedophilia All variations: children etc
Chloroform Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated  
Drugged Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated Watch for all forms of incapacitating drugs being taken by or implied to be taken by performers. All need to be banned, especially when drug is administered by another person (e.g. date rape drug)
Drunk Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated All variations: drunken etc
Force Non compliant Rape/Brutality All variations: forced, forces.
Forcing Non compliant Rape/Brutality  
Hypnosis Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated  
Hypnotize Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated All variations: hypnotized, etc
Incapacitate Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated All variations: Incapacitated, incapacitation, etc
Incest Non compliant Incest  
Infant Non compliant Pedophilia  
Intoxicate Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated All variations: intoxicated, etc
Intoxication Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated  
Molest Non compliant Rape/Brutality All variations: molestation, molested, etc
Murder Non compliant Blood/Mutilation All variations: murdered, etc
Mutilate Non compliant Blood/Mutilation All variations: mutilated, etc
Mutilation Non compliant Blood/Mutilation  
Necrophilia Non compliant Necrophilia  
Passed out Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated  
Pedophilia Non compliant Pedophilia  
Rape Non compliant Rape/Brutality All variations: raped, raping, etc
Sedate Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated All variations: sedation, sedated, etc
Sleep Non compliant Rape All variations: slumber, be asleep, etc
Tentacle Non compliant Bestiality All variations: tentacles, etc
Unconscious Non compliant Drugged/Incapacitated  
Underage Non compliant Pedophilia  
Unwilling Non compliant Rape/Brutality  
Violate Non compliant Rape/Brutality  


Neo Troy, LLC. is the owner of all content made available through Sparkle Cash. We hereby grant you usage rights for the sole purpose of promoting our web sites through our Affiliate Program. If your account is closed/terminated you must remove all content we have provided you with anywhere that you have posted it.



At the current time, payouts are currently delivered to you through either Check or ACH (Direct Deposit).


Your payout percentage is 50% for trials, 50% for recurring transactions, and 50% for initial recurring transactions, unless otherwise noted. You will forefeit 7.495% of the previously listed percentages to cover our payment processors transaction fees, this fee is split evenly between you the affiliate and Neo Troy, LLC. If you are offered a promotional percentage then you will receive that percentage for the duration as advertised.


A payout will be sent to you each week using your chosen payment method, but only if you meet your payout minimum as chosen by you. If you do not meet your payout minimum for a pay period, we will hold your funds for you and add them to your future earnings. We will continue to hold your earnings and add them up until the total is greater than or equal to your payout minimum, we will then issue a payout. Please keep in mind that payouts are sent 3 weeks after the closing of a pay period.


If we are unable to process a payout due to an error, we may hold your funds for you until a time where we are able to process it. In the event of an error in processing your payout, we will notify you by email. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have correct payment information on file for you.

Check Reissuance

If for some reason we have to reissue you a check, or you lose a check, we will have to notify the bank to process a Stop Payment on it. You agree to pay a Stop Payment fee of $30 if this happens. Please make sure that if you chose the check payment option that you keep your name on check and payment address up to date.


You are solely responsible for determining your tax obligations. If we pay you more than $600 USD in a tax year and you are a US citizen or business, we will be issuing you a 1099-MISC form after the end of the year. You must maintain a valid address on file with us so that we can send the form to the correct location.


We reserve the right to not payout if we determine that you have failed to follow these terms and conditions. Follow the terms and conditions to avoid complications.